Totes Totes: A campaign for change

Totes Totes: A campaign for change

It seems that every we look, plastic bags are getting into the most inconvenient places like the ocean. Meanwhile as Americans it appears that shutting off the plastic bag tap, so to speak, would be difficult if not impossible. So we came up with a possible solution. WHAT IF??? we could have a program that donates tote bags for their groceries and purchased goods around the world. This would provide an alternative to the plastic bag and promote the convenience of using tote bags.

By purchasing One of our $5 Totes Totes you can help this cause. When you buy 1, We donate 1 to a person in need of a reusable bag. I know what you are thinking that wouldn’t work because people forget to bring their bags all the time. WRONG!! Because we provide the donated bags at the checkout counters for people who didn’t remember to bring their own Reusable bag…

Thats is our idea and we are sticking to it. At this very moment you can visit our Facebook page To see our new Totes weekly.

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Help Out our Cause by Purchasing a $5 Totes Tote of your choice. (Please add a specific message saying which Tote from our facebook page)

Keep in Mind that NC state sale tax is at 4.75%

Shipping is typically anywhere between $2.75 and $5 Depending on where you live in the country. To calculate the shipping costs click on the following link  —> <—$5.00+Shipping+Sale tax 

(Please understand that in order to purchase bags in other cities and states you will need a PayPal account to use the Buy Now button. We Apologize for the inconvenience and are working on a website that encompasses the ability to purchase bags)




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