A Thanksgiving Without Plastic

A Thanksgiving Without Plastic

I can just see it now, brick and mortar, aluminum and steel, and No Plastic! One thing we know over the many years producing, reusing, and recycling plastic is that it is a great resource for individual packaging and fast product design. This being said, plastic breaks apart and is rendered useless much faster than its metallic cousins. So how can we change our production to cut out plastic entirely?

The Answer is simple! IN DUE TIME ! Because only time will tell when the profits gained from plastic usage just don’t reap the rewards of the cost benefit analysis equation and a need to switch to alternative source becomes beneficial.  I cannot say how near or far in the future it will be, and to speculate on that information would be near impossible and current information could be rendered moot by future events. One thing we always stress is to do your very own best when It comes to reducing plastic in your own daily lives. Why? because each time we make a decision it is a vote towards the future of our plastic economy.

This Thanksgiving here are ways you can help to change the future of our plastic economy!!

1) Avoid Purchasing Plastic Throaway items. Instead invest in long lasting materials like metal, ceramic, and glassware! 

2) Cook At Home and save: Fuel, Money and Packaging Waste. Cooking at home is much less expensive, and it can also generate much less packaging waste, depending on how you shop. If you do eat away from home, the leftovers can just as easily be taken home in your own tupperware. But if you forgot tupperware use Aluminum Foil before using styrofoam, it only requires that you use your words and ask for it!

3) Shop the Farmers Market & Bulk Bins. If any of your holiday recipes include canned ingredients, they probably contain Bisphenol A, the estrogenic chemical linked to breast cancer. Avoid these potentially harmful foods by taking your own reusable bags and containers to the farmers market to buy fresh, seasonal, local foods for your chemical-free Thanksgiving table.

4)  Choose reusable foodware, containers, and cookware.  Use cloth napkins; Borrow extra dishes, platters, serving ware from friends; Use a “real” turkey pan instead of a throw-away foil one; Ask guests to bring their own containers to carry home leftovers; If you’re going to someone else’s house, bring your own reusable container.

5)  Express Thanks. Isn’t it nice to have a day set aside each year to express thanks?  We don’t need plastic products polluting that gratitude!  We don’t even need a feast.  Just the simple gratitude we feel for being alive right now on this remarkable planet.

6) If you aren’t perfect and you do end up wasting plastic or food, just remember that we were once like you too. And it is not the end of the world if perfection is not acquired because even now we make mistakes and use plastic too…. just be aware that we all CAN do better 🙂 

Happy Thanksgiving From all of us at Adopt A Gyre. 

Lets give thanks by using less plastic

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