Daily Solutions


     How do we prevent from advancing the damage done to the oceans? There is an answer to daily in most daily activities. As a humanity we are relatively lazy. We have our trash taken away for us so it doesn’t sit around in the street and attract vermin. We have centers where acquiring food is as easy as a swipe of a card. It is plain to see that when we have to worry about less we also start caring less about the environments we live in. The detriment to environments in rural areas could be greatly decreased by following the oh so rhythmic saying Reduce Reuse Recycle”However cheesy or cliche this saying is, It is absolutely true. I am a big advocate for this lifesyle. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not a tofu pushing activist. I believe that a lifestyle that is less dependent of external things and more dependent on itself is a much better way at controlling pollution of our environment.

    When the three R’s do not work out however and there is an accidental loss of hundreds of plastic articles into rivers and streams, that is where we come in. It was once predicted that the removal of all plastic particles is impossible by a very well respected scientist. However because he said this, now we continue to support programs on prevention more so rather than removing the plastic particles that continue to contaminate the marine ecosystems. It is imperative that more funding be directed to the innovation toward cleaning this plastic up. Here to the rescue, Adopt A Gyre is actively inventing more efficient and available mechanisms of plastic cleanup. See our Expedition page to see more pictures.

Adopt A Gyre is actively collecting plastic bags for repurposing . We have taken the creative idea of melting plastic together to make “material”. After this material is made it can be turned into cool things like this beach sling coozie (below right). 

And this ladies handbag.  (center)

“Do Your Best, Forget the rest”